I first saw it as a mere boy, wandering around the woods. I thought it was some trash that had been dumped, imagine my surprise when I came across an angel statue made of jade, its only blemish this hole in the chest. I told my pa about it, of course, and he carried it back home on his truck. Very heavy this statue, over 400 pounds of pure jade! My pa and ma wanted to sell it at first, but they didn’t want to attract unwelcome attention and my grandpapi thought it was a sign of good luck so they never told anyone about it. We just put it in our backyard as decoration and said that it was just an interesting decoration to anyone who asked about it. He always thought that the statue was an actual remnant of an angel, strange as that is to say. Apparently, all angels are made of things precious to humans, and they fly because their heart is so light it can overcome the material weight of what they are made of. When angels pass, their heart becomes so light and so full that it bursts out of their chest and they leave behind their body as a present to the humans they loved so much. Funny story, I know, but my grandpapi really believed it. He even swore he saw it move a few times. Honestly, back then as a boy even I thought I saw it move around a few times in the backyard, but the imaginations of children are so vivid. Anyways, my grandpapi loved looking at it so much that when he passed my pa and ma kept it as memory of him. It’s very dear to our family. So… how much would you be willing to pay for it?



Century school book is the font used by the Supreme Court. Fonts have power, and they can affect comprehensibility and understanding of writing. Times New Roman is not always the right choice.


Meta poem v2 emo angst (people really do be sad out there tho)

I drift, encased by water.

Light does not exist.

I know not which way is up, merely that I am being carried by the currents.  

The silence looms.

It was always there, but now it is overwhelming, and I am crippled.  

I want to scream, to ask the world why I have arms and legs when there is nothing to do, nowhere to go?  

But I keep quiet and cower even as the silence grows deafening and I can think of nothing else.

I am terrified.

Terrified that I won’t get a response

Then where is there to go?

Terrified that I will.

For I no longer remember how to swim, or maybe I never learned.

Then you hold my hand.

I hold yours.

And even though I can still hear only silence, I know at least there is something I want to hold, somewhere I want to be.

Thank you


Angel cheesecake sounds pretty delicious! So does candle cake! Not totally sure about these names but I heard about these interesting foodstuffs.

I wonder why people don’t harvest nectar and sell it as a commercial drink. Surely even if the cost to gather nectar is high, there is some demand for it, no? Nectar sounds quite delicious.

I would love to try squishing some plushies.

I usually don’t like lollipops but I heard about a really good one that probably would taste… pretty heavenly I think.

These are all very new conversation topics for me o.o



Stockholm’s syndrome is a condition where the victims of an abusive relationship or kidnapping develop empathy and care towards their captors.



trying to fit into the poem meta

You’re so fair that I do not dare stare too long,
for fear you may think it a glare and hide behind your hair,
because when I can see you blush,
the world becomes hush and my heart starts to rush,
I would bear any fare to let you know your beauty is so rare,
nary a person has made my heart so theirs,
so you need not fret and compare, my dear,
seer I am not but peer into you and my future is clear.



wrote a poem about romance, which I’ve never done before.  attended graduation, which I’ve also never done before.



I was able to overcome a conflict in a long distance friendship by frankly talking with them about it.  I think clarity and care are essential in maintaining trust in these types of relationships.



Pain is gain

That’s what they say

To make you forget that you’re slaving away

You never got your time in the shade, always in the sun day by day,

all work no pay, never heard of play, now you’re growing gray and you still have no say, when you fade will they know your name, that you were the same, just the same as they?



tried some new indian foods for the first time, unfortunately i forgot their names but they were delicious and i shall try them again!  i love paneer and butter chicken but i feel there are many other foods that are also delicious that i should try




I think intention is the most important factor for morality, but I guess impact does outweigh intention societally and in personal situations.  There have been times where I decided not to judge someone’s action because I thought they had positive intentions, but looking back I should have realized their failure to think about how the other person would feel is worth judging in and of itself.


It is selfish to take an action affecting another, even if you have good intentions, if you have not tried to empathize with their feelings first.


some cool frickin sites:






ya can’t run from loneliness

The waterfall washes my words away,

street lights and bubbly signs meld night and day,

I can think, here in the silence,

keeping a careless city blind,

of all the people I left behind for solitude,

because the spotlight’s always on and the glare hurts your eyes,

how none of them seem to want to visit,

Streets packed with packs, because even the ones who live here are just visitors,

and that maybe it’s better to forever be a visitor than never be visited.



tried not calling someone today, and while it felt like something was missing from my day, i actually was able to do some stuff so that’s quite nice.





A good day?  kinda


a bad day? not really


net positive then.



swain’s passive is incredibly strong.


Quieting the world with wondrous majesty,
fragile, crackling as the boots move forwards,
compressing, hardening, turning dark with grime,
As cold as a heart ripped from the chest by a ring,
hard, cracked, hiding dangerous things,
only to be covered by snow once more.


tried out green tea cheesecake, pretty good